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Donald Pennington is a British psychologist who is also the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and professor of psychology at Coventry University where he teaches personality psychology to undergraduate students. He is the author of a number of psychology texbooks and also as chief examiner for A-level psychology.

Select publications[edit]

  • Advanced Psychology: Health Psychology (2004)
  • Advanced Psychology: Child Development (2004)
  • Essential Personality (2003)
  • Advanced Psychology: AQA (2003)
  • The Social Psychology of Behaviour in Small Groups (2002)
  • Introductory Psychology (2002)
  • Psychology (2011)
  • The Resource Library: Child Development (2000)
  • Social Cognition (2000)
  • Social Psychology (1999)
  • Essential Social Psychology (1999)
  • Psychology of Sentencing (1987)

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