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"Dirty" Donny Gillies is a freelance artist who creates paintings, album covers, concert posters, vinyl toys and skateboards.

Donny Gillies was born on March 4, 1974, in Ottawa, Canada, and now lives in San Francisco, California. Dirty Donny is a freelance artist working mostly in the rock, punk and metal music industry designing album covers, show posters and band merchandise but also has roots to the hot rod, pinball, skateboard and designer toy worlds. He has produced work for such bands as The Hellacopters, The Melvins, Queens of the stone age, The Wildhearts, Electric Frankenstein and the's, but is most noted for his work with metal band Metallica. His list of clients also includes Fender Guitars, Dunlop guitar pics, Vans, Stern Pinball, Bell Helmets and a graphic for Pro Skater Steve Caballero.

Published works[edit]

Pinstripe Planet JUXTAPOZ Car Culture Kustom Graphics Tiki Art Now Electric Frankenstein High energy rock n roll poster art Speedseekers

Recent works[edit]

Bass guitar for Maya Ford of band the Donnas. Bass guitar for Robert Trujillo of band Metallica. "PaPa-Het guitar he for James Hetfield of band Metallica. Custom Metallica band pinball machine, which lead to Gillies doing the artwork for a production Metallica pinball machine.



Metallica Guitars

Metallica Guitars

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