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Roger Margason, who used the pseudonym of Dorien Grey, was an openly gay[1] American author, (born in Northern Illinois). Margason served in the U.S. Navy and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BA in English.[2] He died on November 1, 2015.

Margason was the author of the fourteen-book Dick Hardesty mystery series, which received a WordWeaving Series of Excellence award, and four of which have been finalists for the Lambda Literary Award. He was also the author of the four-book Elliott Smith Paranormal Mystery series. In addition to his two series, he had a stand-alone gay western/romance/adventure novel, Calico, aimed at young adults and traditional western buffs; Short Circuits: A Life in Blogs; Dreams of a Calico Mouse, a book of poetry; and A World Ago: a Mavy Man's Letters Home, 1954-1956.

All his books are in the process of becoming audiobooks.


The Dick Hardesty Mystery Series
  1. The Butcher's Son† (2000) ISBN 1-879194-86-4
  2. The Ninth Man (2000) ISBN 1-879194-78-3
  3. The Bar Watcher (2001) ISBN 1-879194-79-1
  4. The Hired Man† (2002) ISBN 1-879194-76-7
  5. The Good Cop (2002) ISBN 1-879194-75-9
  6. The Bottle Ghosts (2003) ISBN 1-879194-73-2
  7. The Dirt Peddler (2003) ISBN 1-879194-72-4
  8. The Role PlayersISBN 1-879194-49-X
  9. The Popsicle Tree (2005) ISBN 1-879194-55-4
  10. The Paper Mirror† (2005) ISBN 1-879194-57-0
  11. The Dream Ender (2007) ISBN 1-934135-62-3
  12. The Angel Singers (2008) ISBN 978-1-934841-06-8
  13. The Secret Keeper (2009) ISBN 978-1-934841-42-6
  14. The Peripheral Son (2011) ISBN 978-1-936144-10-5
  15. "The Serpent's Tongue" (2014) IBSN 978-1=61271-136-2
The Elliott Smith Mysteries Series
Other works
  • Calico (2006) ISBN 1-934135-33-X
  • Short Circuits: A Life in Blogs (2011) ASIN: B00584R12S
  • A World Ago: a Mavy Man's Letters Home, 1954-1956 (2012)

Denotes Lambda Literary Award finalists


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