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Origin Cape Town, South Africa
London, UK
Genres Alternative rock, Electronic (Post 1999)
Ska punk, Trip hop, Maskanda (Pre 1999)
Years active 1992–present
Labels Caned & Able
Associated acts Brigade
Springbok Nude Girls
Arno Carstens
Koos Kombuis
Anton Goosen
Valiant Swart
Karen Zoid
Albert Frost
Bed On Bricks
Blues Broers
Frank D Frost
Members Pieter Bezuidenhout
Kevin Kieswetter
Fred Caïou
Rick Walsh
Past members Myburgh Grobbelaar
Albert (Frost) Loubser
David Poole
Dylan Kemlo
Timothy Rankin
Alan Bainbridge
Derrek Gripper
Douglas Armstrong
DJ Shane
Rob Driver

Dorp is a South African rock band based in London, England.



The band was formed in 1992, under its previous name, The Fauves, by Myburgh Grobbelaar (vocals), Albert Loubser (guitar), Dylan Kemlo (bass guitar), Timothy Rankin (drums) and David Poole (saxophone) in Somerset West at Parel Vallei High School.

In 1995 guitarist Albert Loubser (later known as Albert Frost) left the band to join the Blues Broers and was replaced by Alan Bainbridge. The band then changed its name to Dorp, the current name. Shortly thereafter, vocalist Myburgh Grobbelaar left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Pieter Bezuidenhout, the current frontman.

In 1996, Dorp released its first album, Indigenous Jewellery, independently, on a label set up by Bezuidenhout, Oom Gert Records. The album had limited distribution and is now out of print. The band changed guitarists once more; Alan Bainbridge left and was replaced by current guitarist Kevin Kieswetter.

The band recorded its second release, a 5-track EP called Five Steps Off The Pacemaker in 1997 on Wildebeest Records, which had a wider distribution. The band released its third disc in 1998, Danger Gevaar Ingozi.

Relocation, 1999[edit]

In 1999 the band decided to relocate to London to try to break international radio. Shortly after arriving, the bassist, drummer and saxophonist returned to South Africa, leaving only singer Piet and guitarist Kevin. They resorted to busking in Covent Garden to pay for food and accommodation. It was not long before they attracted the attention of a Frenchman, Fred Fred Caïou (later known as Fred KU). They gigged for a while, experimenting with different sounds including "drill ’n’ bass disco". The three-piece recorded an EP, called Boy/Girl, the title track being the first song Piet wrote after the relocation. They eventually enlisted the help of Londoner Rob Driver, to take the drumming seat.

Already making waves, and eccentric new sounds, the arrival of Driver set the Dorp project spectacularly on the way, with four global influences crashing together to forge a virgin sound. Driver's UK rock influences and Caïou’s love of techno made something even wilder when combined with Piet and Kevin’s unique perspective.

The band released its 3rd full length album in 2002 called Tap Into The System on Contains Nut Records.

Band members[edit]



  • Myburgh Grobbelaar - vocals (1992-1995)
  • Albert Frost – guitar (1992–1995)
  • David Poole – saxophone, clarinet, pennywhistle, backing vocals (1992-1999)
  • Dylan Kemlo – bass guitar, whistle (1992-1999)
  • Timothy Rankin – drums, percussion (1992-1999)
  • Alan Bainbridge – drums, backing vocals (co-founder, 1995–1997)
  • Derrek Gripper – viola (1998)
  • Douglas Armstrong – trumpet (1998)
  • DJ Shane – DJ, scratches (1998)
  • Rob Driver – drums (1999–2008)


Studio Albums[edit]

Date Title Label
1996 Indigenous Jewellery Oom Gert Records
1997 Five Steps Off The Pacemaker Wildebeest Records
1998 Danger Gevaar Ingozi Wildebeest Records
2001 Boy/Girl
2002 Tap Into The System Contains Nuts Records
2006 Omni Present Bob E.P. Sheer Sound CC
2008 Humans Being Caned & Able


Date of Release Title Label
2006 London Out There Caned & Able
2007 Simon Says Caned & Able
2008 Rollercoaster Caned & Able
2008 Pigs Do Fly/Cops and Robbers Caned & Able

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