Dorsa Lister

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Southern Dorsa Lister at center, with Bessel in upper left, from Apollo 17
Dorsa Lister with Dorsa Nicol

Dorsa Lister is a wrinkle ridge system at 20°18′N 23°48′E / 20.3°N 23.8°E / 20.3; 23.8 on the Moon, in southern Mare Serenitatis. It is 203 km in diameter and was named in 1976 after Martin Lister who was an English naturalist, stratigrapher, zoologist and physician.

It connects several other scarps and hills. It starts east of Bessel crater going southeast, at around halfway connects the Dorsum Nicol (Nicol Ridge) then it heads northeast.

Further south but not connecting with them is another ridge of Dorsum Buckland.

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