Dorsa Sorby

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Satellite photo from Apollo 17, Dorsa Sorby is on the bottom-right

Dorsa Sorby is a wrinkle ridge system at 19°00′N 14°00′E / 19.0°N 14.0°E / 19.0; 14.0 in Mare Serenitatis on the Moon. It is 80 km long and was named after Henry Clifton Sorby in 1976.

The ridges are located southwest of Bobillier crater and east-southeast of Sulpicius Gallus crater. It lies more than halfway between Bobillier and the Sulpicius Gallus B satellite crater towards the southwest.

Further southwest is the Montes Haemus (Lunar Haemus Mountains), to the east is the scarp named Rimae Menelaus and further east is Dorsum Buckland.

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