Double Deal

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Double Deal (1939 film)
Directed by Arthur Dreifuss
Produced by Dixon R. Harwin (producer)
George Randol (executive producer)
Written by Arthur Hoerl (story)
Arthur Hoerl (screenplay)
F.E. Miller (additional dialogue)
Starring See below
Music by Ross DiMaggio
Cinematography Mack Stengler
Edited by Carl Pierson
George Randol Productions
Distributed by Sack Amusement Enterprises
Astor Pictures Corporation (US; states rights)
Release date
  • 1939 (1939)
Running time
60 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Double Deal is a 1939 American drama with an all-black cast (a genre at the time called "race films"), written by Arthur Hoerl, produced by George Randol, directed by Arthur Dreifuss and released on the independent states-rights market by Sack Amusement Enterprises and Astor Pictures Corp.

Plot summary[edit]

Two men, Tommy McCoy and Dude Markey, are in love with Nita, a beautiful nightclub singer/dancer. Markey robs a jewelry store and gives the haul to a local gangster. Later, he steals the jewelry from the gangster's safe and frames McCoy for the robbery in the hope that the gangster will kill him, thereby getting rid of his rival for the lovely Nita.



  • Shelton Brooks - "Hole in the Wall" (Written by Shelton Brooks)
  • "Jitterbugs Cuttin' Rugs" (Written by Shelton Brooks)
  • "Gettin' in Right with You" (Written by Peter Tinturin and Harry Tobias)

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