Double Sextet/2×5

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Double Sextet/2x5
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 14, 2010
Genre20th-century classical
ProducerJudith Sherman
Steve Reich chronology
Daniel Variations Double Sextet/2x5

The album consists of two works composed by Steve Reich, Double Sextet and 2×5. Double Sextet, which won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Music, is written for two identical sextets of flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello. It has been recently quoted as being "among the finest pieces of our time" by The Philadelphia Inquirer.[1] The piece lasts roughly 22 minutes.

2×5 is for two identical quintets consisting of 2 electric guitars, bass guitar, piano and drum set. It is described as a "rock and roll piece", lasting around 20 minutes.[2]


Double Sextet

  1. Fast
  2. Slow
  3. Fast


  1. Fast
  2. Slow
  3. Fast