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Doubleclick is a musician and producer based in the United Kingdom.

Joe Chapman released Once More with Feeling EP on Brighton-based label, Fly Casual, in 2000. He later collaborated with Amon Tobin on Verbal Remixes & Collaborations in 2003. In 2009, he and Amon Tobin, under the name Two Fingers, released a self-titled album and a corresponding album of instrumentals. His musical influences include Drum & Bass and Jungle music.


Albums and collaborations[edit]

  • Once More with Feeling EP (2000, Fly Casual)
    • Tracks: "Once More with Feeling", "All in One Light", "War Peace and Quiet"
  • Amon Tobin - Verbal Remixes & Collaborations (2003, Ninja Tune)
  • Two Fingers as Two Fingers (2009 Paper Bag Records)
  • Instrumentals as Two Fingers (2009 Paper Bag Records)

Verbal Remixes & Collaborations[edit]

"Ownage courtesy Tobin and Doubleclick, is the type of track you'd play to permantly scar the neighbors." (2003)

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