Foley Room Recorded Live in Brussels

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Foley Room Recorded Live in Brussels
Live album by Amon Tobin
Released November 2008
Recorded 2007
Genre Electronica
Length 1:17:00
Producer Amon Tobin
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Foley Room
Foley Room Recorded Live in Brussels

Foley Room Recorded Live in Brussels was the second Solid Steel album by Amon Tobin, recorded in Brussels at the Ancienne Belgique in 2007 and released as a free download in November 2008. According to Tobin's official website, "After months of back and forth and despite everyone’s best efforts the mix was in danger of being edited into the ground to accommodate big labels and publishers. Rather than release a compromised version commercially, the decision was made to give it away for free instead" [1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. [Amon Tobin] In The Dark Intro
  2. [Amon Tobin ] Horsefish Live Mix
  3. [Cardiacs] The Alphabet Business Concern (Home Of Fadeless Splendour)
  4. [Two Fingers] Two Fingers (Instrumental)
  5. [Spank Rock] Bump Switch Rmx
  6. [Two Fingers] That Girl (Instrumental)
  7. [Amon Tobin] Esthers
  8. [Amon Tobin] Throwback Intro To SSLive1
  9. [King Cannibal] Aragami Style
  10. [Kelis] Aww Shit
  11. [Two Fingers] Two Fingers (White Label)
  12. [Amon Tobin] Kitchen Sink Live Mix
  13. [Amon Tobin] Big Furry Head
  14. [Tech Itch] Know
  15. [Amon Tobin] Verbal Acc
  16. [Two Fingers] High Life (Instrumental)
  17. [Boxcutter] Grub
  18. [Autechre] Doctrine
  19. [Amon Tobin] Foley Room
  20. [Amon Tobin] Overwhelming Forces
  21. [Dom & Roland] Ritual
  22. [Amon Tobin & Noisia] Sunhammer VIP
  23. [Konflict] Mesiah (Noisia Rmx)
  24. [Spank Rock] Get On The Floor (Disco D)
  25. [Nice Nice] Uh-Oh
  26. [Amon Tobin] Straight Psyche
  27. [Autechre] Second Bad Vilbel
  28. [Noisia] B.R.E.E.Z.E.
  29. [Noisia] Concussion
  30. [Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch] No Remorse
  31. [Amon Tobin] Keep Your Distance


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