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Douglas Caine (born October 26, 1964 in San Francisco, California) is an American addiction treatment professional, founder of Sober Champion and, formerly, a professional bassist and vocalist. He began fronting San Francisco Bay Area punk bands in 1980 and performed on the bass professionally for some years in Los Angeles and San Francisco, until an extended period of substance abuse and incarceration left him homeless and his reputation shattered. Caine entered recovery, became educated, and began his career in residential addiction treatment at Beit T'Shuvah.

In 2006, Caine opened a boutique sober coaching firm called Sober Champion. In 2007, he traveled to New York City and London, trained staff there and opened UK Sober Champion and New York Sober Companion. More recently, he traveled to Chicago and launched a local operation: Chicago Sober Champion.

Since 2006, media calls for his commentary on substance abuse patterns of celebrities and addiction treatment in American and European culture have increased.[1][2][3]

Media involvement[edit]

In 2011, Caine was among the first guests on a dramatic program called KLEAN Radio. Along with Andrew Spanswick, Caine addressed a variety of issues affecting addicts and alcoholics and was warmly received by the KLEAN audience and reviewers.

Later that year, Caine was featured in a documentary series created by GRB (who also created Intervention) called RELAPSE: The Sober Coach Chronicles. This series – aired by A&E – sought to educate the public about post-residential treatment for sufferers who have experience multiple attempts at treatment but who continue to relapse. The show was widely hailed as a challenge to “typical reality series” and was warmly reviewed by critics.[4] Prior to RELAPSE, Caine was instrumental in educating the public in the United Kingdom about Sober Coaching through a series of informal talks with medical professionals and was widely featured in the British press.[5] Currently, Caine continues his work advocating on what he calls the “narrow band”; these are people who cannot achieve consistent sobriety using traditional treatment methods and who requires a more individualized form of addiction treatment.[citation needed]

Caine lives in West Los Angeles near his son, continues to operate Sober Champion internationally, and is entertaining discussions about a new television series.[citation needed]