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Doug Smith (1963 - 2016) is a composer/pianist who graduated from Kermit High School in 1981 and began classes at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas in the fall of the same year. His goal was to earn a degree in telecommunications but that same year he started working with music recording for the first time and 'Just For You', Smith's first recording, was released in the spring of 1982, is a collection of songs ranging from ragtime originals to romantic ballads.

Since then Smith has published 9 albums:

  • Doug Smith - 1989
  • A Special Gift - 1992
  • Stained Glass - 1993
  • The Human Element - 1996
  • Piano Player - 1997
  • Hope - 1998
  • Live - 2000
  • Confirmation - 2001
  • Cruisin the "G" - 2007

He also has a PBS documentary released in 2003 called "There It Is."

Mr. Smith was critically injured in a car wreck on July 25, 2007 while traveling from his studio to his home. He fell asleep at the wheel and spent several hours hanging upside down until he was discovered and rescued. The injuries left him unable to walk or use his hands. Due to extensive rehabilitation, he now has a new release called "If I Could Fly."[1]


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July 2, 1963 - June 6, 2016<LubbockOnline> Doug grew up in Kermit Texas and graduated from Kermit High School in 1981. He attended Texas Tech University where he honed his gift; one that he pursued with an incredible passion from the early age of two. He worked as a solo musician, playing in prestigious venues such as the Ryman Theatre, the Spencer Theatre, the Godbold Cultural Center, the Garza Hotel and The Texas Tech Music Hall until he suffered a tragic injury in 2007 that left him paralyzed from the chest down. Even with the physical challenges presented by his injury, Doug continued to produce and perform until his last days