Downtown Run

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Downtown Run
Ps2 downtown run new.jpg
Developer(s)Ubisoft Romania
Com2uS (Mobile)
Publisher(s)Ubi Soft
Com2uS (Mobile)
Platform(s)PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo GameCube, Mobile game
  • PAL: March 28, 2003
  • NA: June 30, 2003 (Windows)
  • NA: April 29, 2003
  • WW: July 17, 2003
Genre(s)Racing game
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer (2 players)

Downtown Run, known in North America as City Racer, is a 2003 racing game made by Ubisoft Romania and released for PlayStation 2, Windows, GameCube, and mobile phones.[1] The game features many different cars, game modes and tracks. In most game modes, you can collect power-ups to maximise your chance of winning or slow down opponents.


Review scores
Nintendo Power2.6/5[2]N/A
PC Gamer (US)N/A79%[3]
Aggregate score

The PC version received "generally favorable reviews", while the GameCube version received "mixed" reviews, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[4][5]


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