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Doyen and doyenne are used as terms and surnames. They were derived from the French word doyen (doyenne in the feminine grammatical gender), which is the term for dean, e.g., Dean (religion) and Dean (education).

In the English language, the meaning of doyen (and the less common doyenne) has extended from the French definition to also refer to any senior member of a group,[1] particularly one whose knowledge or abilities exceed those of other members.

Doyen may refer to:



  • Doyen (horse), race horse ranked 3rd in 2004 World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings
  • La Doyenne, one of the classic cycle races
  • Doyen class attack transport, World War II United States Navy ships named for US Marine Corps generals
  • USS Doyen, United States Navy ships named for Charles A. Doyen
  • Doyen's retractor, one of the instruments used in surgery
  • Doyen, the name of a piece of music written for Brass Band by Goff Richards
  • Doyen Verlag, imprint of VDM Publishing