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Adolf Fritz, generally called Dr. Fritz (Munich, ? – Estonia, 1918), was a hypothetical German surgeon whose spirit has allegedly been channeled by several Brazilian psychic surgeons, starting with Zé Arigó in the 1950s and continuing up to the present. There is no evidence that he actually existed.

Alleged manifestations[edit]

In the 1950s, psychic surgeon Zé Arigó (1918–1971) claimed to be operating as a channel for the spirit of a Dr. Adolf Fritz, a German doctor who had died in World War I. Arigó became famous in Brazil and abroad, and was the subject of documentaries and books. Soon after predicting his own death, he died in an automobile accident.

After Arigó's death in a car accident, two brothers, Oscar and Edivaldo Wilde, claimed to channel the spirit of Dr. Fritz. Their careers were cut short when both died in violent car crashes.

Following them was Edson Quieroz, a gynecologist. Quieroz treated hundreds of thousands of patients in the guise of Dr. Fritz, while further advancing the techniques of Arigó. He, too, met a violent death at the hand of a knife-wielding assailant.

After Quieroz's death, Dr. Fritz has been allegedly channeled by Rubens Farias Jr. (1954– ) of São Paulo; who claims that Dr. Fritz has predicted his own violent death. More recently Dr. Fritz manifests himself through Mr. Kleber Aran Ferreira da Silva [1] who successfully attends patients on a monthly base and free of charge in Maceió, Aracajú, Salvador and São Paulo.

Several other mediums have been reportedly able to channel Dr. Fritz' spirit. Most times operations are performed with the tip of the finger, no physical incision necessary, even though in some cases a light scar of the incision as well as of the stitches can be shortly seen. When asked about the improbability of the same spirit being channeled by more than one medium at the same time, some entities have indicated that the spirit does not follow the same rules of time and space that we do and, therefore, wields such an ability.

Alleged biography[edit]

In a mediunic interview, channeled by Arigó, the spirit of Dr. Fritz said that he had been born in Munich. His father suffered from asthma and a doctor recommended that he move to a place with a better climate, so the family moved to Poland when the boy was only four years old. Forced to work when he was young because of his parent's premature death, Fritz studied medicine on his own. One month before graduating, a general came into his office with his daughter in his arms, and despite his efforts, Fritz could not save her. The officer accused Fritz of her death and had him put in jail, where he suffered all sorts of tortures. He escaped from the jail and fled to Estonia, where he lived from 1914 until his death in 1918.

Exhaustive research has found no mention of a doctor with any of those names in German records. Followers of Arigó have retorted that the name provided by the spirit, as well as the German-like accent of his channels, were probably faked by Dr. Fritz himself, in order to preserve his true identity. Skeptics insist that the psychic surgeons themselves have invented the entity.

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