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Steve Broy
Also known as Dr. Heathen Scum, Pope Heathen Scum
Born (1958-04-01)April 1, 1958
Genres Rape rock, Heavy metal, Punk rock
Instruments Electric bass, guitar
Associated acts The Mentors, El Duce, Mentor Heathen Scum's Church of El Duce, Hammergirl, Kill Allen Wrench, Mentorhawk, The Mantors

Steve Broy (also known by the stage names Dr. Heathen Scum and Pope Heathen Scum) is an American musician, best known as a founding member and current bassist of the heavy metal band The Mentors. Broy has also collaborated in related bands and released solo records under the Dr. Heathen Scum moniker.[1]


Main article: The Mentors

As a teenager, Broy co-founded The Mentors in Seattle, Washington in 1976 with two classmates at Roosevelt High School, guitarist Eric Carlson (Sickie Wifebeater), and drummer/vocalist Eldon Hoke (El Duce.)[1] The band later relocated to Los Angeles, California and gained extensive notoriety for their extreme shock rock aesthetic.[1]

Broy was in and out of the Mentors during their early career due to his preoccupation while pursuing degrees in engineering.[2] His replacement, Mike Dewey, also used the Dr. Heathen Scum moniker during his time with the band, causing confusion regarding contribution credits. Broy returned to the bass in 1985 when The Mentors signed to Death Records, a subsidiary of Metal Blade, and released their debut studio LP, You Axed For It!.[2] Thereafter, Broy was briefly replaced by bassists Ed Danky ("Poppa Sneaky Spermshooter") and Zippy, but returned to the group in 1989. The band continued after Hoke's 1997 death and presently remain active,[1] with Broy often acting as the group's unofficial spokesman.[3]

Broy has also performed as Dr. Heathen Scum with Hoke on his solo albums, collaborated with many groups, and has made solo albums as Dr. Heathen Scum and Pope Heathen Scum. According to Broy, his band Church of El Duce was formed "immediately after the resurrection of our Lord, El Duce" and Hoke came to him in a dream, telling him to "keep rockin'".[4]


With The Mentors[edit]

With The Mantors[edit]

With El Duce[edit]

With Hammerhawk / Mentorhawk[edit]

  • Motel 7 (2000 HMF Records)

As Pope Heathen Scum[edit]

  • Top Notch Rock (Mentors Records)
  • Lady Killer (2008 Mind Boggler Records)

As Dr. Heathen Scum with Hammergirl[edit]

With Church of El Duce[edit]

With Mentor Heathen Scum's Church of El Duce[edit]

With Kill Allen Wrench[edit]

  • My Bitch Is A Junky (Wanker Records)

Full Metal Messiah


  • Get Up and Die (1983)
  • Mentors Fuck Movie (1987)
  • A Piece of Sinema (1990)
  • The Wretched World of The Mentors (1990)
  • Mentors Tour De Max '91 (1991)
  • El Duce, The Man. The Myth. The Video. (1993)
  • Mentors – El Duce Vita DVD (2007)


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