Up the Dose (Mentors album)

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Up the Dose
Mentors utd.jpg
Studio album by The Mentors
Released December 1986
Genre Heavy metal
Length 48:52
62:25 (1997 CD)
Label Death Records
The Mentors chronology
You Axed for It!
Up the Dose
Live in Frisco

Up the Dose is American heavy metal band The Mentors' second studio album. The cover features adult model and singer Candye Kane.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Heterosexuals Have the Right to Rock" 5:25
2. "Rock 'Em and Sock 'Em" 3:46
3. "White Trash Woman" 3:55
4. "Adultery" 6:24
5. "On the Rag" 5:14
6. "Kick It On Down" 5:47
7. "Secretary Hump" 5:26
8. "Couch Test Casting" 4:34
9. "SFCC" 3:29
10. "Up the Dose" 4:53


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