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Drache is a German surname meaning "dragon". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Daniel Drache, contemporary scholar in Canadian and international political economy, globalization studies, communication studies
  • Eric Drache, professional poker player, cardroom manager and consultant for NBC
  • Heinz Drache (1923–2002), German film actor
  • Hiram Drache, American historian

See also[edit]

  • Fa 223 Drache ("Dragon"), a helicopter developed by Germany during World War II.
  • Draché, a commune in the Indre-et-Loire department in central France
  • Drachen Fire, an Arrow Dynamics roller coaster that operated from 1992 to 1998, at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  • Der Kampf mit dem Drachen ("The Battle with the Dragon"), a 300-verse ballad by Friedrich Schiller
  • Yugoslav minelayer Zmaj renamed Drache after being captured by Germans in 1941