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Dragomir Dujmov (Serbian Cyrillic: Драгомир Дујмов) is a Serbian poet, novelist and short story writer from Hungary.

Dujmov is a leading Serbian poet and writer in Hungary. Dragomir Dujmov was born on March 17, 1963 in Szentes (Hungary). He grew up in a patriotic Serbian family in Katymar near the Serbian-Hungarian border close to the town of Baja. He continued his education in Budapest in the Serbo-Croatian Secondary School. He graduated from the University of Novi Sad's Faculty of Philosophy in 1989.(Serbia).

To-day Dujmov is a teacher in Serbian Grammar-school in Budapest.

Dragomir Dujmov started his literary career as a poet. There followed a period in which Dujmov concentrated on the writing of short stories, tales and novels about Serbs in Hungary. In 1992 he published a book of poetry Sunce se nebom bori (Sun fightings with Heaven). His first novel Beli putevi (White Roads) was published in 2000. Dujmov takes his material from the history and life of Serbs in Hungary or Austria-Hungary. The author describes the life of Serbs in Budapest and other places in Hungary.

Dragomir Dujmov elected as a member of Union of Serbian Writers in Belgrade.

He received the literature Award of Matica iseljenika Srbije (Belgrade, 2006) and literature Award of Zadužbina "Jakova Ignjatovića" (Budapest, 2004).



  • Generacijska antologija, poetry, 1991 (joint edition of two poets, Hungarian Croat poet Stjepan Blažetin and Hungarian Serb poet Dragomir Dujmov; Blažetin's part of the book is titled Krhotine; Dujmov's part is titled Pesme/Pjesme)
  • Sunce se nebom bori Sun fightings with Heaven (Budapest, 1992) ISBN 963 04 2419 3
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  • Pastir vukova Shepherd of Wolves - St. Sava - libretto (Budapest, 1994) Serbian Theatre in Budapest


  • Čuvar peštanskog kandila Patron of lights in Budapest (Budapest, 2005) (Tribute to Stojan D. Vujičić, Serbian writer from Budapest)

Scientific work[edit]

  • Zaboravljeni srpski listovi u Budimpešti Forgotten Serbian newspapers in Budapest (Budapest, 2007)
  • Santovački letopis sa dopunom Chronicle of Santovo with the additions (Budapest, 2010)
  • Hram svetog velikomučenika Georgija u Budimpešti St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Budapest (Budapest, 2011)
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