Dragon Pirate Stories

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The Dragon Pirate Stories are a collection of 20 books written as a reading scheme for primary schools in the 1960s/1970s by Sheila K McCullagh and illustrated by Mary Gernat. The series is not to be confused with the Griffin Pirate Stories by the same author.

  • A1 Dragon’s Gold
  • A2 Islands of the Sunset
  • A3 The Princess who Wanted the Moon
  • A4 The Three Witches
  • A5 The Magic Whistle

  • B1 Greg and the Black Pirates
  • B2 A Dragon in the Wood
  • B3 The Three Princes
  • B4 Snip and the Dragon’s Skin
  • B5 The Hollow Mountain

  • C1 Ben and the People of the Bells
  • C2 The Country of the Red Birds
  • C3 The Kingdom of the Day
  • C4 The Mer-King’s Son
  • C5 The White Wolf

  • D1 The Sea-Horses of the Far Islands
  • D2 The Ice-king's daughter
  • D3 The Horses of the North Wind
  • D4 Pirates in the Dark Night
  • D5 The People of the Mist