Draper Correctional Facility

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Draper Correctional Facility
Location2828 Alabama Highway 143, Elmore, Alabama
ClosedMarch 13,2018
Managed byAlabama Department of Corrections
DirectorLouis Boyd

Draper Correctional Facility was a Alabama Department of Corrections state prison for men located in Elmore, Elmore County, Alabama. The prison first opened in 1939 with a capacity of 600 beds, replacing the former Speigner Reformatory.[1] Speigner had been founded circa 1900 and employed inmates on a farm and cotton mill on site.[2] It was destroyed by fire in November 1932[3]

Draper retains a farming operation and a furniture plant, as well as vocational training and employing inmates on facility maintenance. Each prisoner has an assigned job.[1] It was named for Hamp Draper, the then-director of the state corrections department.

Elmore is the site of three Alabama state prisons: Draper, Staton Correctional Facility which is immediately adjacent, and the Elmore Correctional Facility about a mile to the east.


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