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In mathematics, the Drazin inverse, named after Michael P. Drazin, is a kind of generalized inverse of a matrix.

Let A be a square matrix. The index of A is the least nonnegative integer k such that rank(Ak+1) = rank(Ak). The Drazin inverse of A is the unique matrix AD which satisfies

  • If A is invertible with inverse , then .
  • The Drazin inverse of a matrix of index 0 or 1 is called the group inverse or {1,2,5}-inverse and denoted A#. The group inverse can be defined, equivalently, by the properties AA#A = A, A#AA# = A#, and AA# = A#A.
  • A projection matrix P, defined as a matrix such that P2 = P, has index 1 (or 0) and has Drazin inverse PD = P.
  • If A is a nilpotent matrix (for example a shift matrix), then

The hyper-power sequence is

for convergence notice that

For or any regular with chosen such that the sequence tends to its Drazin inverse,

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