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Industry Healthcare
Founded 2009
Founders Michael Nusimow (CEO)
Daniel Kivatinos (COO)
Headquarters Mountain View, CA, USA
Products drchrono
Services Health records
Website www.drchrono.com

Drchrono (stylized as drchrono) is an American company based in Mountain View, California, that provides a software as a service patient care platform consisting of a Web- and cloud-based app for doctors and patients that makes electronic health records (EHR) available digitally and provides practice management and medical billing services.


Drchrono was founded in New York City in 2009 by Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow.[1][2] The company spent time in the Rose Tech Ventures incubator in New York City before moving to Silicon Valley to join Y Combinator.[2][3] Nusimow, a computer engineer, created the program with the intention of streamlining patient-doctor visits.[4] Drchrono launched in February 2011 as an EHR app for the iPad,[5][6] allowing doctors to complete tasks and access information without needing to use paper records. The information gathered and accessed through the app is also available from a Web browser, iPhone or Android device,[1][6] on Google Glass and the Apple Watch.[7]

In June 2011, the company released the first tablet EHR system to be certified for meaningful use by Infogard Laboratories.[8] Doctors who used their EHR app to store and track patient data received up to $44,000 in incentives from federal subsidies.[9] In August 2012, drchrono released OnPatient, an iOS and Android app to replace and expedite the traditional handwritten patient check-in process. It integrates with drchrono's medical records interface.[10]

As of 2015, approximately 70,000 doctors use drchrono’s free digital health records, with about 3,000 paying for medical-billing services;[7] over 5.9 million patients are in the database.[11] In 2014, drchrono was ranked #249 on Inc. magazine's Inc. 5000, and it was ranked #357 in 2015, with a three-year growth of 1,311%.[12]

Products and software[edit]


Drchrono is built on open source technologies including Linux, Python, MySQL, and Django, atop Apple's iOs platform.[13] In 2013, it opened up its application programming interface (API) so that developers could build apps intended for the physicians and million patients in its system. Drchrono vets the best apps and features them on its website.[14]

The company makes electronic health records of patients available digitally, as an iOS app on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, and also as an app available on most Android phones.[4][7] Doctors can customize the interface, schedule appointments, take notes and photos, write prescriptions and send them to pharmacies, look at lab results and update a patient's records. The service offers paid monthly subscriptions for premium services, such as dictation, medical billing software and storage for medical records. Patients can use a version of the app to keep track of their own results and appointments.[1] Its Revenue Cycle Management service helps physicians and medical practices manage billing, collections, accounts receivable, insurance processing and other paperwork.[15]

In June 2014, drchrono created the first health record system app for Google Glass, creating a wearable health record allowing doctors to record patient visits, with the patient's permission, releasing the app in a beta phase. Videos, photos and notes are stored in the patient's electronic medical record or in Box, a cloud-based storage and collaboration service.[16] In April 2015, drchrono migrated its app to the Apple Watch, which had just been announced. Health records on the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch sync up together and link to Apple's HealthKit data repository and contribute to the patient's ongoing electronic health record.[7] In September 2016, the company announced its EHR iOS app was the first to be certified for Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS), allowing doctors to prescribe electronic prescriptions for controlled substances to pharmacies.[17]


OnPatient is a separate application for patients, offering a range of tools for managing health day-to-day. It offers reminders of upcoming appointments, bill-paying capabilities, and allows for text messaging with health professionals.[7] Following the discontinuation of Google Health in 2011, the data from that program can be imported into OnPatient.[18] OnPatient puts an emphasis on primary data recorded by patients themselves through smartphones and apps. The data is used to find doctors, schedule appointments and send secure messages between patients and professionals. The app is free for patients; full access to OnPatient is part of the paid subscription plan for doctors.[18]


In 2011, the company raised $1.3 million from a number of angel investors, including Y-Combinator, Gmail creator and FriendFeed founder Paul Buchheit, General Catalyst, Charles River Ventures and 500 Startups.[1][10] In January 2012, the company announced a $2.8 million seed round of funding led by Russian tech mogul Yuri Milner, as well as Google engineer Matt Cutts.[1][10] Through 2015, drchrono has been backed with approximately $8 million from investors.[7]


In April 2016, drchrono announced four new medical application programming interface partners: Health Gorilla, Inuvio, Medisafe and Wink Health. The partnerships bring the drchrono platform access to US labs for labs and imaging ordering; streamlined patient data collection; increased access for Medisafe physicians; and integration of sleep studies from a patient's home.[19]


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