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Dreadlocks Ltd
Video game developer
Industry Video games
Founded 2011
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic
Key people
Michal Červenka[1]
Number of employees
Website www.dreadlocks.cz/index.html

Dreadlocks Ltd is a Czech video game developer based in Prague. The company's first game, Rune Legend, was the winner of 5th AppParade.[3] The company was officially formed in 2011. The Company's most recent Release is Dex, an action role-playing game.[1]


Dreadlocks was established in 2011 by a Group of Students from Czech Technical University in Prague. The idea of forming a Studio was based on a Game engine created by them for their Bachelor work. Their first project was "Rune Legend", a mobile game that was released in 2012. The Studio then focused on creating a game titled "Enlightened", but its development was suspended when the Company acquired a team that worked on the video game "Dex", which was successfully funded through Kickstarter and released in May 2015. The company later released a statement promising to continue development of Enlightened.[4]

British subsidiary[edit]

The company also has a United Kingdom subsidiary which is based in Northampton that serves as help with legal issues and an earlier availability of certain technologies or services to British developers. An example is a Kickstarter campaign for Dex.[5][6]


All games by Dreadlocks Ltd
Title Year Platform(s) Genre Description
Rune Legend 2012 Windows Phone Puzzle Puzzle game with story inspired by Norse mythology.
Dex 2015 Linux Action RPG Cyberpunk action rpg game.[7]
2016 Xbox One
PS Vita
Ghost Theory TBA TBA Survival horror


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