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Industry Aerospace, Education
Founded 2015 (2015)
Number of locations
Key people
Carie Lemack, Jeffrey Manber
Products educational programs, media programs
Services space payload integration, space launch events, career development events
Website dreamup.org

DreamUp PBC is a Public-benefit corporation that offers space-based educational and media services. DreamUp is a spin-off and sister company of NanoRacks LLC, a private company that develops products and offers services for the commercial utilization of space. DreamUp aims to provide in-space opportunities to non-professionals who've never had access to space before - students, teachers and those using crowd-sourcing to fund space projects.[1]

Under NanoRacks' umbrella, DreamUp customers launched 230 educational projects conducted on the NASA International Space Station. The customer base spanned 36 U.S. states and 15 countries.

Via its launch partner NanoRacks, DreamUp has access to research opportunities on the U.S. National Lab on board the International Space Station, Blue Origin's New Shepard space vehicle, and other platforms.

In March 2016, Carie Lemack was announced as CEO and Cofounder of DreamUp.[2] Previously, Lemack co-founded Global Survivors Network and Families of September 11, and produced the Academy Award-nominated documentary film, Killing in the Name.

DreamUp is part of XO Markets, a holding company for commercial space exploration.


International Space Station[edit]

DreamUp provides access to facilities on the International Space Station (ISS) that include:

  • NanoRacks MixStix - 2U NanoLab research modules are dedicated to provide housing for up to twenty four individual Fluids Mixing Enclosures (MixStix) allowing all microgravity reactions and materials to be captured for analysis on the International Space Station or returned to Earth via the Soyuz.[3]
  • NanoRacks Microscopes Facility – one optical microscope and one reflective microscope currently (as of February 2013) housed in research rack assemblies on the ISS which provide a USB-connection to astronaut laptop computers for analysis and downlink of image and video data to terrestrial laboratories.[4]
  • NanoRacks Centrifuge – can simulate gravity on the Moon or Mars as well as provide standard laboratory centrifuge capabilities[5]
  • NanoRacks Platforms – include both standard space-capable lab racks to provide power and data transfer capabilities as well as CubeLabs Modules experimental platforms. Several standard rack sizes are available to accommodate nanoscale research in microgravity experiments that require various amounts of rack volume.[6][7]

Blue Origin[edit]

DreamUp provides access to research opportunities on Blue Origin's New Shepard space vehicle.


DreamUp provides its customers with the opportunity to participate in the MyLaunch experience, a launch viewing event organized in collaboration with NASA and NanoRacks for missions to the International Space Station via SpaceX, Orbital ATK, and other launch providers.

DreamUp MyLaunch events to date:

  • Orbital ATK's Cygnus CRS OA-6: DreamUp customers attended the OA-6 launch where DreamUp and NanoRacks flew five payloads through California-based Valley Christian Schools, an experiment from Carmel Christian High School in Matthews, North Carolina, an experiment from the Surya Institute in Indonesia, and an experiment from the SMA Unggul Del School in Indonesia.

DreamUp Approved[edit]

DreamUp Approved is an accreditation system offered by DreamUp and NanoRacks, in collaboration with Space Angels Network.[8][9] Projects submitted to DreamUp are examined by the company's Advisory Board and specialized consultants. Projects that are certified as "DreamUp Approved" means they have been declared realistic, doable, and following the correct path for NASA safety approval.

As of March 2016, the DreamUp Advisory Board includes CASIS Director Ken Shields, NanoRacks CEO Jeffrey Manber, and XO Markets Chief Designer, Mike Johnson.[10][11]

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