Dreams for Sale

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"Dreams for Sale"
The Twilight Zone episode
Dreams for Sale.jpg
Scene from "Dreams for Sale"
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 2, Segment 2
Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Written by Joe Gannon
Original air date October 4, 1985
Guest appearance(s)

Meg Foster: Dreamer
David Hayward: Paul
Vincent Gastaferro: Dream Technician
Lee Anthony: Rescue Technician
Kristi Purdy: Twin #1
Deanna Purdy: Twin #2

Episode chronology
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List of The Twilight Zone (1985 TV series) episodes

"Dreams for Sale" is the second segment of the second episode of the first season (1985–86) of the television series The Twilight Zone. A woman (Meg Foster) finds that a relaxing outdoor picnic with her family is nothing more than an escapist fantasy being beamed directly into her brain.


On an idyllic outdoor picnic with her husband and their daughters and their dog, a woman becomes confused and disoriented when sounds and sights begin stuttering and events repeat themselves. Eventually things become so distorted with repeating images and disorted sounds that she screams. She awakens and discovers she is in a futuristic dream-making machine alongside hundreds of others in a sterile, industrial environment with no view of the outdoors. A technician explains to her that she was in a Dreamatron "Fully Interactive Dream" machine, running a "Country Picnic" program.

He fixes the circuit board for her dream bay and tells her to relax and enjoy her last six minutes before returning to work. Apparently, her mind somehow fixed herself in the other life, and not her real life. Still confused, she returns to her dream world and relaxes again in her fantasy she tries to tell her husband about her "dream" but forgets it almost straight away. She asks if her husband will stay with her forever he agrees. Meanwhile the machine burns out before technicians can disconnect her, trapping her in the alternate reality forever. All they can do is sadly note, "At least she died happy..."

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