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Drinks Americas (OTC Pink: DKAM) is a beverage distribution company based out of Wilton, Connecticut. Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd., develops, owns, markets, and internationally distributes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages associated with celebrities.


The company's non-alcoholic brands include the distribution of Paul Newman's Own Lightly Sparkling Fruit Juice Drinks, Flavored Waters, and Teas. Besides the products below, Drinks Americas also owns and distributes Damiana Liqueur and Aguila Tequila from Mexico, Cohete Rum Guarana from Panama, Willie Nelson's Old Whiskey River Bourbon and Bourbon Cream, and Caso BoMargo Wines.[1]

Rheingold Beer[edit]

The Rheingold brand was purchased by Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd. in 2005.[2] In September 2010 the distribution of Rheingold Beer was expanded to Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, [3] as well as Maryland in November.[4]

Trump Super Premium Vodka[edit]

Trump Super Premium Vodka was released in 2006, with a slogan of: "Success Distilled." Commenting on the initial introduction of his signature vodka, Trump remarked, "A great friend of mine was a founder of Grey Goose. And what we're going to do is top it. I want to top them just because it's fun to top my friends."  – Donald Trump on Larry King Live [5] In September 2007, Trump Super Premium Vodka received its first of several high grade ratings from F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal. Four out of Five stars "because it finishes elegantly, oily/creamy, and snack cracker like." In the same edition, Grey Goose, the leading Super Premium Vodka company in terms of sales, received Two Stars.[6] In 2007 Recolte of Russia committed to an annual purchase of 50,000 cases for the Russian market, totaling $7.5 million per year.[citation needed] In 2008, flavored Trump vodkas were released including raspberry, grape, orange, and citron.[7] The Trump Vodka brand was discontinued in the U.S. in 2011 due to sales failing to meet the company threshold requirements, however it is still sold in Israel.[8][9]

Universal Interscope Geffen A&M Records[edit]

In June 2007, Drinks Americas entered into a partnership agreement with Interscope Geffen A&M Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

In February 2008, Drinks Americas entered into an equity partnership with Dr. Dre to develop a line of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including cognacs, sparkling vodka, champagne, and tequila bearing Dr. Dre's name.[10]


Drinks Americas currently holds trademarks on the following products: TKO, Success Distilled, Trumptini, Cohete, and those waiting to be applied to new product introductions: Aftermath, Topless, Pacifique, LeBasse, El Jefe, Client Number 9, Dragonfly, Rock It, Rock Cola, and D'Oro.[11]

Board of directors[edit]

  • J. Patrick Kenny, president and chief executive officer since March, 2005. He is a former senior vice president and general manager of Joseph E. Seagram & Sons.[12]
  • Bruce K. Klein, chairman of the board[13]
  • Marvin Traub, former CEO and chairman of Bloomingdales.[14]
  • Frederick Schulman, president and director of East Coast Venture Capital, Inc.[15]
  • Hubert Millet, former president of Seagram's Global Brands Division based in Paris.[16]

On November 22, 2010 it was announced that former Coca-Cola executive Shaun B. Higgins will serve in an advisory capacity to the firm.[17]

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