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Drishti and similar may refer to:


  • Drishti (film), a 1990 Hindi film directed by Govind Nihalani, and starring Dimple Kapadia, Shekhar Kapur and Irrfan Khan.
  • The concept of View or Drishti in Buddhism.
  • Drishti (yoga), a key part of yoga practice and a means for developing concentrated intention, and sense withdrawal.
  • Drishti (software), a multi-platform, open-source Volume Exploration and Presentation Tool. It was written for visualizing tomography data, electron-microscopy data


  • Drisht a village in Albania at the foot of the ruins of old Drivastum,
  • Drisht Castle, a ruined castle, Serbian Drivast, Latin Drivastum, in Albania