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Drissa Kone is a djembe master drummer from Mali.


Drissa Kone, born in the fifties in a village named Kuruba (on the border of Mali and Guinea), is a widely respected djembe player who has captured the attention of many far beyond the borders of Mali. At an early age, and against the will of his parents, he began drumming in his home village Kuruba. When he was 13 years old he moved to the capital city Bamako, where he found his long-time inspirational master in the deceased Yamadu Bani Dunbia. In the 1980s Drissa toured throughout Mali as a popular festival drummer and soloist for numerous ballets. In 1989 he met the artists Ulli Sanou and Gerhard Kero in Mali, who after intensive instruction became well-liked members of his festival music ensemble. In 1991 he came to Europe for the first time to join their music group SANZA. Drissa spent the next seven years thrilling fans with his remarkable djembe at countless concerts throughout Europe. The recordings SANZA live and SANZA in search of the one were made during this time. Later engagements took Drissa to France, Spain, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. In the summer of 2006, he headed a two-week special seminar for professionals at the Codarts University of Professional Arts in Rotterdam. Since 2009 he is an instructor of the Dj.e.m.be- Djembe education moduls beatfactory, 2011 he was teaching at the international festival Impulstanz in Vienna.


1992 - SANZA live EX 141-2

1994 - SANZA in search of the 1 EX220-2

2007 - Kurubamako EX697-2 beatfactory production

2008 - The Art of Jenbe Drumming - The Mali Tradition Vol. 2 (bibiafrica records)

Appearing also on: 2007 - Argile - Filefola: The Flute Album (bibiafrica records)

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