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Drive Motors
IndustryE-commerce, Automotive industry
FounderAaron Krane

Drive Motors is an American-based company in San Francisco, that sells software for a dealership's website, allowing car shoppers to purchase new and used cars online. Aaron Krane founded the software company in 2015, while he was working as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Khosla Ventures.

In 2016, Krane entered the seed accelerator, Y Combinator.


Aaron Krane founded Drive Motors in 2015 while he was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Khosla Ventures.[1] The idea came when Krane noticed there were very few solutions allowing users to buy new cars online but also allowing auto dealers to sell them.[2]

After spending a number of months looking for a car himself after he sold his first business to Yahoo! in 2013, he realized that the process was incredibly time consuming and could be streamlined.[3] In an interview with TechCrunch he stated, "it became shockingly clear that ecommerce had not reached new cars." When speaking about the competition, Krane suggested that the vast majority of large car sales websites were effectively online magazines, listing cars that you could purchase in person.[4]

Krane at the time worked with someone who owned a number of car dealerships in California and agreed to set up a pilot program with one of them. Over the next five months, he honed the product until he was sufficiently satisfied with it to let other dealerships use it. Once the software was in beta, he signed up 50 more dealerships within 6 months by the end of 2015.[5]

After the idea of the company was established, Krane then entered seed accelerator Y Combinator in 2016.[1] This was following rapid growth in Drive Motors revenue. It was stated that it took only 10 months for their turnover to rise to $1 million in annual recurring revenue following their official launch.[6] They also attended the AutoVentures Conference in 2016, where Drive Motors was listed as a contestant for the main award and pitched their product as the future of the auto industry. Drive Motors was announced the winner following Krane's presentation.[7]

Drive Motors signed up their largest client to date in 2016, with Asbury Automotive Group agreeing to test the software at a handful of their dealerships.[8] Later that year, Asbury announced they were extending the software to more of their dealerships.[9]


Dealers are able to implement the software and sell cars directly from the dealership website..[10]

When a user goes onto the website, it allows them to configure the car by a number of different options.[11] Once the model of the car has been chosen and the extras have been configured, Drive Motors allows the user to set up financing for the car and pay the dealer all through the software plugin.[5]


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