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Drumgelloch station BJFS1.jpg
Drumgelloch station sign
AreaNorth Lanarkshire
Coordinates55°51′58″N 3°57′17″W / 55.8660°N 3.9548°W / 55.8660; -3.9548Coordinates: 55°51′58″N 3°57′17″W / 55.8660°N 3.9548°W / 55.8660; -3.9548
Grid referenceNS776653
Original companyBR Scottish Region
Pre-groupingFirst ScotRail
Annual rail passenger usage
2002/03 *Increase 0.113 million
2004/05 *Increase 0.131 million
2005/06 *Increase 0.173 million
2006/07 *Decrease 0.165 million
2007/08 *Increase 0.168 million
15 May 1989Opened[1]
9 May 2010Closed
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
* Annual passenger usage based on sales of tickets in stated financial year(s) which end or originate at Drumgelloch from Office of Rail Regulation statistics. Please note: methodology may vary year on year.
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Drumgelloch railway station was a railway station serving Drumgelloch, an eastern suburb of Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. The station was managed by First ScotRail and was the eastern terminus of the North Clyde Line, 20 km (12½ miles) east of Glasgow Queen Street from May 1989 to May 2010.


The station was opened in 1989 by British Rail as the terminus of a short extension of the existing line from Airdrie, although the line to Bathgate that passed through here had been closed to all traffic seven years earlier (passenger services having ceased in 1956).

The North Clyde Line has been extended eastwards beyond Drumgelloch towards Bathgate, connecting with the Edinburgh to Bathgate Line. Plans for the project (termed the Airdrie-Bathgate Rail Link) were approved by the Scottish Parliament in March 2007 and received Royal Assent in May 2007.

Work commenced in 2008. As part of this project, the 1989 single platform Drumgelloch station was closed on 9 May 2010. A substitute bus service was provided until a new station at a new site 550 metres further east was opened on 12 December 2010.[2]


There was a half-hourly service each day from Drumgelloch towards Glasgow Queen Street and Helensburgh Central.

Preceding station National Rail National Rail Following station
Terminus   First ScotRail
North Clyde Line

From May 2010[edit]

Following closure of the station as part of the Airdrie to Bathgate project, a half-hourly bus service operated to and from Airdrie station to connect with onward services to Glasgow and Helensburgh.

From December 2010[edit]

Upon the opening of the 2010 station services operated from the new location, initially by bus due to delays in completion as a result of the inclement weather at the end of November 2010.




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