Dryops (Oeta)

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In Greek mythology, Dryops (/ˈdr.ɒps/, Ancient Greek: Δρύοψ, "oak-face", "wood-face" or "wood-eater") was the king of the Dryopians.


Dryops was the son of the river god Spercheus and the Danaid Polydora. He had one daughter, Dryope,[1] and also a son Cragaleus.[2]


Dryops reigned in the neighborhood of Mount Oeta[1] and was believed to have given his name to the people Dryopes; the people, original inhabitants of the country from the valley of the Spercheius and Thermopylae, as far as Mount Parnassus.[3] They retained the name after having transferred to Asine in Peloponnesus.[4][5] The Asinaeans in Messenia worshipped him as their ancestral hero. His heroum there was adorned with a very archaic statue of the hero.[6]


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