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DuPont Walston, Inc. was a former U.S. brokerage and investment banking firm. At its peak in the early 1970s, DuPont Walston was the second largest brokerage firm in the U.S. However, the firm collapsed following a series of mergers and closed in 1974.[1]

DuPont Walston was formed from the 1973 merger of F. I. DuPont, Glore Forgan & Co. and Walston & Co. The latter, Wall Street's third largest brokerage house, was acquired by Ross Perot following pension account fraud, who then merged it with Dupont, which had found itself in financial difficulties.[2][3][4]

Just a few years earlier, F.I. Dupont had been created through the 1970 combination of Francis I. duPont Co. and Glore Forgan Staats, Inc.,[5] which itself was formed through the combination of Glore, Forgan Co. and Wm. R. Staats Co. in 1964.[6]


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