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This is a disambiguation page. For the article on the French surname Dubé, see Dubé (surname).

Dubé and Dube are common surnames, mostly French-based.

Dube, Dubey and Dobé are surnames frequently used in Southern Africa (Dube)), common in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and India (mostly northern parts of India (Uttar Pradesh)).Dube directly translates to the english word Zebra (iDube). For Indian variant also see Dwivedi.

Dube / Dubé may refer to:



Dube Brahmins of Indian origin (another spelling is Dubey)

Canadian politicians[edit]

Given names[edit]

  • Dube Jillo (born 1970), Ethiopian long-distance runner

See also[edit]

  • The Dube, a percussion instrument invented by Dion Dublin, English TV presenter and former footballer
  • Georges Duby (1919-1996), a French historian of the Middle Ages