Dubăsari Dam

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Dubăsari Dam
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Dubăsari Dam is located in Moldova
Dubăsari Dam
Location of Dubăsari Dam in Moldova
Country Moldova
Location Dubăsari
Coordinates 47°16′40″N 29°7′25″E / 47.27778°N 29.12361°E / 47.27778; 29.12361Coordinates: 47°16′40″N 29°7′25″E / 47.27778°N 29.12361°E / 47.27778; 29.12361
Status Operational
Construction began 1951
Opening date 1954
Dam and spillways
Impounds Dniester
Creates Dubăsari Reservoir
Surface area 67.5 km2 (26.1 sq mi)
Power station
Commission date 1954
Installed capacity 48 MW

The Dubăsari Dam (also HPP Dubasari, Romanian: Hidroelectrocentrala de la Dubăsari) is a hydroelectric dam at the Dniester river near Dubăsari in Transnistria, Moldova. It was built in 1951–1954. The installed capacity of the hydroelectric power station is 48 MW.[1]

The Dubăsari Dam creates the Dubăsari reservoir (Romanian: Rezervuarul Dubăsari). The reservoir is 128 kilometres (80 mi) long and has an average width of 528 metres (1,732 ft). Water surface area is equal to 67.5 square kilometres (26.1 sq mi).[1]

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