Dniester Hydroelectric Station

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Dniester Hydroelectric Station-1
Dniester Hydroelectric Station is located in Ukraine
Dniester Hydroelectric Station
Location of the Dniester Hydroelectric Station in Ukraine
Country Ukraine
Location Chernivtsi Oblast
Coordinates 48°35′36″N 27°27′18″E / 48.59333°N 27.45500°E / 48.59333; 27.45500Coordinates: 48°35′36″N 27°27′18″E / 48.59333°N 27.45500°E / 48.59333; 27.45500
Status Operational
Construction began 1973
Opening date 1981
Owner(s) Energy Company of Ukraine
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity dam
Impounds Dniester River
Height 60 m (200 ft)
Length 1,082 m (3,550 ft)
Spillways 6
Creates Dniester reservoir
Total capacity 3 km3 (1 cu mi)
Surface area 142 m2 (1,528 sq ft)
Maximum water depth 54 m (177 ft)
Power station
Operator(s) Ukrhydroenergo
Commission date 1981-1983
Type Conventional
Turbines 6 X 117 MW Kaplan-type
Installed capacity 702 MW

Dniester HES-1 is a 702 MW (6х117 MW) hydroelectric power station at the Dniester near Novodnistrovsk, Ukraine. It was launched in commercial operation 1983. Both Dniester Hydroelectric Station and Dniester Pumped Storage Power Station are administered by the Ukrainian Hydro-Energy Administration and compose the Dniester Cascade of power stations. Dniester HES-2 is located downstream and has a 27 MW capacity.[1]

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