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Coat of Arms of the House of Broglie

The House of Broglie (/brɔɪ/; French: Maison de Broglie, pronounced [dəbʁɔj],[1][2] [dəbʁœj]) is the name of a noble French family, originally Piedmontese, who emigrated to France in the year 1643.[3] The family counts among its members three marshals of France, a Nobel Prize laureate, several members of the Institut de France, and descendants of the Rothschild family.[citation needed]

The family patriarch, originally Francesco-Maria di Broglia, Conte di Broglia, later François-Marie de Broglie, Comte de Broglie. After distinguishing himself as a soldier, he died, a lieutenant-general, at the siege of Valenza on the 2 July 1656.[3]

His son, Victor-Maurice, comte de Broglie (1647–1727), served under Condé, Turenne and other great commanders of the age of Louis XIV, becoming marechal de camp in 1676, lieutenant-general in 1688, and finally marshal of France in 1724.[3]

His grandson, François-Marie, was made duc de Broglie and a peer of France in 1742. His great-grandson, Victor-François, 2nd duc de Broglie was created prince of the Holy Roman Empire in 1759 by Emperor Francis I. All junior members of the House of Broglie bear the title of prince of Broglie, while the head of the family is duke of Broglie. A junior line used the title of prince of Broglie-Revel, after one of his lordships.[3]

Family members[edit]

Comtes de Broglie[edit]

Ducs de Broglie[edit]

Other noteworthy family members[edit]


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