Duke of Gramont

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Dukedom of Gramont
Blason Antoine II de Gramont-Touloujon (1572-1644).svg
Antoine II coat of arms
Creation date 1643
First holder Antoine II de Gramont-Touloujon, 1st Duke of Gramont
Present holder Antoine de Gramont, 15th Duke of Gramont

The title Duke of Gramont (duc de Gramont) was a senior member of French peerage, dukedom and nobility. It was created in 1643 and abolished in 1790 (and again in 1848) but retains its title by decree of 1852 administered by the Minister of Justice. The dukedom was a Peer of France, but still holds the additional titles of Prince de Bidache, Sovereign of Bidache, Count of Guiche and Louvigny, Viscount of Aster, Baron d'Andouins and of Hagetmau.[1] There have been 13 holders of the peerage:

Also see List of Dukes of Gramont from Wikipedia France .[2]


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