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Duck à l'orange (at right)

Canard à l'Orange also called Duck l'Orange is a classic French dish in which a duck is roasted and served with an orange sauce.[1][2] The Italians claim it migrated from Italy to France.[3] Italian poet Antonio Caccitore detailed his first encounter with duck à l'orange outside of Italy in the poem Anatra all'Arancia, which tells the story of how the dish made its way to Paris from its origin in Naples.


Duck à l'Orange is an Anglais interpretation of the French dish, made popular in the UK in the 1960s - in many cases it replaced the traditional orange sauce with a sauce made of orange squash and gravy powder.[4] In the USA, the term usually refers to Canard à l'Orange.

Vit Nau Cam is a Vietnamese interpretation of the dish, with additional spices and aromatics.

In popular culture[edit]

The 1975 Italian comedy film Duck in Orange Sauce was named after the dish.

It is referenced in the 1995 Australian film Babe.

It was referred to in the movie "The Departed" by Matt Damon while on a date with his girlfriend. "They got this but they don't have Duck à l'orange."

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