Dudypta River

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The Dudypta River (Russian: Дудыпта) is a river in Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia, a right tributary of the Pyasina River. The river is 687 kilometres (427 mi) long, and its drainage basin covers 33,100 square kilometres (12,800 sq mi). The Dudypta River originates from Lake Makar (Dudypta Lakes) and flows over the central part of the North Siberian Plain. The river is navigable for 150 kilometres (93 mi) upstream from its estuary.

This article includes content derived from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 1969–1978, which is partially in the public domain.

Coordinates: 70°51′40″N 89°54′10″E / 70.86111°N 89.90278°E / 70.86111; 89.90278