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Dumitru Solomon (1932- February 9, 2003) was a Romanian author of essays, plays, and chronicles.[1]

He was born in Galați in 1932 and died on 9 February 2003.[2] He attended the theoretical lyceum in Bârlad. In 1955, he took his degree in philology in Bucharest. Between 1955-1962, he was the editor of Gazeta literară, then department chief at Luceafărul, and editor-in-chief of Teatrul azi magazine. He made his debut in Viața Românească, in 1953.[3]

He was a laureate of the Romanian Academy (1978), and Writers Union and Association of Writers Union from Bucharest (1973), and he received the U.N.I.T.E.R. award for the best Romanian play, Repetabila scenă a balconului (1995),[4] and an award from the Ministry of Culture.


His works include:

  • "Problema intelectualului în opera lui Camil Petrescu" (essay)
  • "Dispariția" (dramatic sketch)
  • Socrate, Diogene câinele
  • "Teatrul ca metaforă" (essay)
  • Teatrul
  • Repetabila scenă a balconului


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