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Duncan Johnson (aka Gerald Clements) is a radio DJ, who was born in Fergus, Ontario on August 17, 1938.[1]

In his early years he joined a radio station in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. After a time at CJOC in Lethbridge, Alberta, Duncan was offered a job in Bermuda where he stayed for a year and a half.[2][3]

While in London on a trip, Johnson came across a newspaper article that outlined the formation of Radio London. At first he covered for broadcasters who were on shore leave, but eventually had his own show, "London After Midnight".[4]

After leaving Radio London Duncan worked for several companies including the BBC, EMI, Radio Northsea [5] and Radio Invicta.[4]

In 1968, Johnson recorded a single for Spark Records, "The Big Architect".[1]


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