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Coordinates: 50°15′36″N 31°52′48″E / 50.26000°N 31.88000°E / 50.26000; 31.88000

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Dvirkivshchyna (Ukrainian: Двірківщина) is a small Ukrainian village located in Yahotyn Raion of Kyiv Oblast, 130 km east of the Ukrainian capital. It lays close to the city of Yahotyn. It also is an administrative seat of local rural community (silrada) which includes four village including Dvirkivshchyna. The community was formed in 1984 out of a state farm.[1][2]

The village became a notable point of interest in 2000s as a birthplace of the former Ukrainian International footballer Andriy Shevchenko who played for FC Dynamo Kyiv, AC Milan and Chelsea FC.