Dwarkadheesh temple Mathura

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Shri Dwarkadheesh Mandir
DeityDwarkadhish (Dwarkanath)
Radharani (Brindabaneswari)
FestivalsHindola Festival, Sri Krishna Janmashtmi
StateUttar Pradesh
Dwarkadheesh temple Mathura is located in Uttar Pradesh
Dwarkadheesh temple Mathura
Location in Uttar Pradesh
Geographic coordinates27°30′18″N 77°41′06″E / 27.5051227°N 77.6850175°E / 27.5051227; 77.6850175Coordinates: 27°30′18″N 77°41′06″E / 27.5051227°N 77.6850175°E / 27.5051227; 77.6850175
Elevation169.77 m (557 ft)

Sri Dwarkadheesh Mandir is one of the oldest and largest Hindu temples of Mathura city in State of Uttar Pradesh, India. This is a major and famous Hindu shrine, and its current structure was built up by Seth Gokul Das Parikh, the treasurer of then Gwalior State (Scindia) in 1814, with approval and heavy donation from Shrimant Daulatrao Scindia, Maharajah of Gwalior.[2] It was built for the Hindu deity Dwarkadheesh (meaning the God or king of Dwarka, where Krishna has shifted from Mathura and settled till his life on earth). There the main deity is of Lord Dwarkadheesh, a form of Lord Krishna seen in a black marble idol named Dwarkanath. With him is the white marble idol of his counterpart deity goddess Radharani.[3]


The temple has a large premises with the main building enclosed by a magnificently carved Rajasthani style entrance with steep steps leading to temple courtyard. In the central courtyard a platform is built up lined up with three rows of richly carved pillars which support the ceiling which is also beautifully painted. Another small temple of another form of Lord Krishna (Vishnu) Shaligram is also built up within the temple courtyard.


The temple management is under the followers of Vallabhacharya sect (whose followers were the original founders of the premises). A Hindola festival is celebrated in the rainy month of Shravan (Occurring in July/August). The temple in this duration is beautifully decorated in some theme colours and the lord Dwarkadheesh is placed in beautifully decorated in silver and golden Jhoola (swing) for special darshan. The temple has religious significance and therefore lakhs of pilgrims visit the shrine every year from different parts of the country and even abroad.


This Temple is about 3.5 km from city main railway station Mathura Junction. From there many modes are available to reach the temple e.g. autorickshaw takes about 10 minutes to reach the temple. A cycle rickshaw takes about 15–20 minutes only.

Mathura city can be approached by nearest airport at Agra 60 km away. From there a cab or bus for Mathura depot can be taken and then reach the temple by taking a connecting auto or rickshaw.


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