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Dyadic may refer to:

  • Adicity / arity of a mathematical relation or function (dyadic relations are usually called binary relations)
  • Dyad (sociology) - as an adjective, describes the interaction between a pair of individuals. A dyad can be linked via general communication, romantic interest, family relation, interests, work, partners in crime, and so on.
  • Dyadic counterpoint, the voice-against-voice conception of polyphony
  • Dyadic distribution, a type of probability distribution
  • Dyadic fraction, a mathematical group related to dyadic rationals
  • Dyadic solenoid, a kind of dyadic fraction
  • Dyadic transformation
  • Dyadic data: data composed of two sets of objects A and B, in such a way that observations are observations of couples (a, b), with and .
  • Dyadics, tensor math (including dyadic products)
  • People who are not intersex

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