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Dzieciuki 01.jpg
Background information
Origin Hrodna, Belarus
Genres Folk punk
Years active 2012 (2012)–present
Associated acts Liudzi na baloce
  • Dzianis Žyhavec
  • Paša 'Trouble' Trublin
  • Aleś Dzianisaŭ
  • Andrej 'Piton' Piatko
  • Mikola 'Kaliamba' Paliakou
  • Lioša Pudzin
  • Andrej Pudzin
  • Sania 'Syr' Syraježka

Dzieciuki (Belarusian: Дзецюкі) — Belarusian folk punk group from Hrodna. It was founded on April 10, 2012. The group has released two studio albums, Haradzenski harmidar[1] and Recha.[2] It positions itself as an educational folk punk brigade, which tells about unrevealed pages of Belarusian history. Several of the Dzieciuki members also take part in Liudzi na baloce group.[3] In 2014 the musicians won the "Heroes of the year" award of Belarusian music portal[4]

From the very beginning of their concert activity, lots of their performances in Belarus were prohibited by the authorities.[5] Thus, their concerts in Brest[6] and Minsk[7] were prohibited. On April 1, 2017 the concert surprisingly was allowed and took place in Vicebsk.[8]




  • Re:Pesniary (Belarusian: Re:Песняры) (2014), "A chto tam idze" track (Belarusian: А хто там ідзе)
  • Tribute To The Pogues (2016), "Ne saskoču!" track (Belarusian: Не саскочу!)


  • Sumnaje regi (Belarusian: Сумнае рэгі, 2014-2015)
  • Laddzia rospačy (Belarusian: Ладдзя роспачы, 2015-2016)
  • Liasnyja braty (Belarusian: Лясныя браты, 2017)[9]

Group members[edit]

  • Dzianis Žyhavec: lyrics
  • Paša 'Trouble' Trublin: vocals, Belarusian duda
  • Aleś Dzianisaŭ: acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals
  • Andrej 'Piton' Piatko: bass guitar, vocals
  • Mikola 'Kaliamba' Paliakou: accordion
  • Lioša Pudzin: guitar
  • Andrej Pudzin: guitar
  • Sania 'Syr' Syraježka: drum kit


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