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e-SDS, otherwise known as an extended SDS. An extended SDS is a document of chemical safety. It is much longer and detailed than the standard SDS. It consists of a standard SDS which has more subsections than the general one, and an additional annex containing one or more exposure scenario(s).

The necessity of e-SDS[edit]

The 1907/2006/EC REACH prescribes that those substances, which:

  • is produced in more than 10 tonnes/year, and
  • considered as hazardous substance,

exposure scenarios have to be prepared.

These exposure scenarios have to be appended to the SDS, therefore a so-called extended SDS (e-SDS) is created.

The descriptor system[edit]

The descriptor system is created by ECHA for the use in exposure scenarios and in extended safety data sheets E-SDS Several type of descriptors is available.


Useful information[edit]

  1. Main duties of downstream users
  2. A brief REACH overwiev for distributors