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Enoch Heinrich Kisch (1841-1918)

Enoch Heinrich Kisch (May 6, 1841 - 1918) was an Austrian balneologist and gynecologist born in Prague. He was the brother of Alexander Kisch (1848-1917), a noted rabbi and author.

He studied medicine in Prague, and in 1863 began work as a balneologist in Marienbad, where he was instrumental in developing the site as a popular spa and resort. In 1867 he was appointed lecturer at Prague, and in 1884 became an associate professor in balneotherapy at the university.

From 1868 Kisch was an editor of the Allgemeine Balneologische Zeitung (General Balneological Newspaper). He also provided information on balneotherapeutics to the "System of Physiologic Therapeutics", a publication based in Philadelphia. In addition to balneology, he conducted extensive research in the fields of gynecology and female sexuality. One of his better known books was translated into English in 1910 with the title "The Sexual Life of Woman in its Physiological, Pathological and Hygienic Aspects".

Selected publications[edit]

  • Ueber den Einfluss der Fettleibigkeit auf die Weiblichen Sexualorgane, Prague, 1873
  • Das Climacterische Alter der Frauen und die Behandlungen der Leiden der Menopause, Erlangen, 1874
  • Handbuch der Allgemeinen und Speciellen Balneotherapie, (Textbook of general and special balneotherapy), Vienna, 1875
  • Die Lipomatosis Universalis, ib. 1888
  • Grundriss der Klinischen Balneotherapie, (Outline of clinical balneotherapy), ib. 1897
  • Uterus und Herz, (Uterus and heart), ib. 1898
  • Das Geschlechtsleben des Weibes in physilogischer, pathologischer und hygienischer Beziehung, (The Sexual Life of Woman in Its Physiological, Pathological and Hygienic Aspects)
  • Die sexuelle Untreue der Frau. second part: Das feile Weib. Eine sozialmedizinische Studie, 1917


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