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Ernest Julian "Ernie" Cole (1916 – November 9, 2000) was an engineer and politician in Saskatchewan, Canada. He served as mayor of Saskatoon from 1965 to 1966. He was the first Saskatoon mayor born in Saskatchewan.[1]

Early years[edit]

He was born in Anerly, Saskatchewan and was educated in Conquest and at the Saskatoon Normal School. He went on to study Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.


Cole served in the Royal Canadian Engineers during World War II. His career after the war included six years at the National Research Council and one year with Power Corporation in Montreal. In 1956, he became assistant engineer for the city of Saskatoon. Cole did not serve on city council before being elected as mayor in 1964. He was defeated by Sidney Buckwold when he ran for reelection as mayor in 1966. Later that year, Cole moved to Ottawa to work for the federal Department of Public Works.[1]


Cole Avenue in the Westview neighbourhood of Saskatoon was named in his honour.[1]


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