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Vernon Systems Ltd
Industry Software for museums and galleries
Founded 1985
Founder Bill Vernon
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Number of locations
UK, South Africa and NZ
Products Vernon CMS, eHive

Vernon Systems Ltd (VSL) is a company that produces collections management software for museums, galleries, and other cultural heritage institutions.[1] The company was established in 1985. It is based in Auckland, New Zealand, but sells its software internationally.[2]

Vernon Systems has two major products,[3] widely used by the museum community:[4] Vernon CMS[5] is a modular desktop package designed to manage all types of collections; eHive[6] is a simple to use web-based cataloguing and public access system which includes integration with the WordPress content management system. eHive is free for low levels of use, with graded charges depending on usage. eHive is the foundation of the NZMuseums website,[7] a public website presenting New Zealand's museums and galleries and their collections online, presented at the Museums and the Web conference in 2009.[8][9]

VSL has partnered with museum organizations including Collections Trust in the United Kingdom.[10] It also participates in major international museum events such as the Museums and the Web conference[11] and in the United Kingdom at the Museums + Heritage Show.[12]


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